Hamas’ Oct 7 massacre has legal scholars creating new war crime category

Join Fox News for free access to special content, including articles and premium content, by entering your email. Israeli scholars and legal experts have identified a new war crime called “kinocide” committed by Hamas during brutal attacks on southern Israel in October. Evidence shows that families were specifically targeted, with women and children being terrorized and captured on film by the terrorists. International law experts are documenting these crimes, including extreme sexual violence, to highlight the unique harm caused to families. The attackers filmed their actions, providing clear evidence of their crimes. Stories of families being attacked, murdered, or kidnapped by Hamas continue to surface, highlighting the brutal nature of these crimes. A woman named Elkayam Levy has coined the term “kinocide” to describe the intentional destruction of families by Hamas. She has teamed up with professor Irwin Cotler to push for this term to be recognized in international humanitarian law. They are working to raise public awareness, amend the Rome Statute, and potentially get a country with universal jurisdiction law to recognize “kinocide” as a war crime. Their goal is to hold those responsible for targeting families accountable for their actions.


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