Pakistan misses most targets but agriculture bails out GDP

Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb presented the Economic Survey of Pakistan for 2023-24, highlighting the importance of the agriculture sector in boosting GDP growth. He discussed challenges faced by the manufacturing sector due to interest rates and energy issues. Aurangzeb emphasized the need for tax revenue to support the country’s economy and outlined plans for the upcoming fiscal year. The survey also touched on key economic indicators, such as GDP growth, per capita income, and investment ratios. The government aims to continue policies from the previous year and manage debt repayments effectively. The finance minister also mentioned initiatives to prevent currency speculation and improve tax collection through digitalization. The document showcased the country’s resilience in various sectors and positive growth trends. The economy has shown significant growth, with a rise in per capita income and a stable exchange rate. The agriculture sector has seen positive growth, with increased production of wheat, cotton, and rice. Industrial sector rebounded with growth in manufacturing and mining. Inflation has decreased, and the fiscal deficit remains stable. Overall, there have been improvements in various economic indicators, indicating a positive outlook for the future.


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