This couple pays $2,236/month to live on a 65-ft houseboat in London—take a look inside

A young woman named Macy always dreamt of living in London, where her mother is American and her father is from London. Her parents had lived between the US and London, and Macy grew up there. She and her siblings often visited London during school breaks and summers, and now Macy has decided to move there permanently. Before moving, Macy and her husband Harris spent two years living in Philadelphia.

Macy and Harris made plans to move to London before selling all their belongings and receiving financial help from their parents. They both now work remotely and have adjusted to living on a houseboat, which they find enjoyable and peaceful. They often have friends and family over, and they enjoy the sense of community in London.

Macy and Harris appreciate the space and safety of living on a houseboat and are grateful for the tranquility it provides. They both work from their boat, with Macy using a small beach cafe as her office when needed. Despite the challenges, they both find living on the houseboat to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience.


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