The Indian Chefs Behind The Restaurants Ranked No. 1 In Asia And Middle East For 2024

In 2024, a list of the top 50 restaurants in the world was announced at an event in Las Vegas, with restaurants from various countries and continents being highly praised. Two Indian restaurants were recognized for their excellence, not just for ranking in the top 50, but also for moving up in the rankings in their respective categories. These Indian restaurants are located outside the country, but have attracted global attention with their unique offerings. Chef Gaggan Anand from Kolkata was recognized as the best restaurant owner in Asia for his innovative approach to fine dining. Additionally, he was praised for his new concept of a “modern dining hall” that combines traditional dining standards with a sense of adventure. The chef’s team, led by the famous L’Bullet in Mumbai, was also highlighted for their achievements. Chef Himanshu Saini from Delhi was recognized for his restaurant in Dubai, which was ranked as the best in the Middle East for its unique offerings. Chef Saini shared his pride in representing Indian culinary arts on a global stage and credited his team for their dedication and hard work.


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