Sarah Ferguson fiercely defends Prince Andrew amid tension with King Charles

In the midst of a bitter legal battle with Charles, Andrew Rajkumar’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson is fiercely defending him. Sarah is showing strong support for Andrew, her ex-husband, and their children, despite the ongoing legal dispute. Andrew is still enjoying his time in York, along with 30 bedrooms in the Amber Mallika, and reports suggest that he is being encouraged to move from Royal Lodge to start fresh. However, in the ongoing battle at Royal Lodge, Duchess does not allow Andrew to be defeated, as she always supports and stands by him. Andrew, who is in a strong financial position, is determined to maintain his current political status and lifestyle. Charles, the king, wants his youngest brother to move to the Frogmore Cottage, and discussions about selling the family’s property are ongoing. In a recent report, it is mentioned that Andrew has a lot of business interests and a support system from friends. It is also suggested that Sarah is very supportive of Andrew and has great trust in him. Andrew has no major financial burden in his life and is not worried about his current financial situation. He has a lot of friends who support him and many business interests to keep him busy. If Andrew does not change his ways, the Times suggests that the king will reconsider the support he is willing to provide. The king’s kindness knows no bounds, and Andrew has a very good option to move to Frogmore Cottage. The benefit of being in the security ring of Windsor Castle is also there, which reduces the need for constant changes, saving 24 hours a day. Security is essential for Royal Lodge, according to a publication.


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