RFK Jr. files new petition in Nevada amid legal battle over ballot access

In Nevada, a month deadline has been set to collect signatures for a recall petition against Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, who filed a case against the office before submitting a new petition last Wednesday to secure her position in the state. The attempt to recall the office comes after more than 15,000 signatures were deemed invalid due to discrepancies in the submission of a petition distributed to voters. The office argued that Cegavske did not follow the necessary state law to request a vice presidential nomination as part of her campaign, leading to the invalidation of her signatures. Now, Cegavske has filed a petition to recall the office and is facing opposition due to her unsuccessful attempts in the past. The situation in Nevada is tense as various parties are vying for the position of Vice President, with a focus on the upcoming election and the potential impact on the state. Former President Donald Trump’s victory in Nevada in 2020 is also being discussed, as well as the efforts of various political organizations to secure their positions in the upcoming elections. Overall, the political landscape in Nevada is uncertain, with the possibility of significant changes on the horizon.


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