King Charles sends clear cut message to Prince Harry: ‘never allowed back’

The Frogmore Cottage was the home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before they moved to the US. The royal commentator Tom Quinn claimed that Prince Charles refused to allow Prince Andrew to move back to the Frogmore Cottage, which was requested before. Instead, Prince York’s Duke was advised to leave the Royal Lodge in Windsor, which has 30 rooms. The Duke of Sussex had stayed at the Frogmore Cottage for three years before moving out in 2023. Overall, it is suggested that a suitable residence be provided for the important members of the royal family like William and Kate. Andrew had to leave his job in 2019 due to a scandal involving his friend Jeffrey Epstein. Despite his personal issues, he continues to stay at the Royal Lodge since 2003. Kate and William also live nearby in the Adelaide Cottage.


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