Kindergartener misses graduation, gets mid-flight celebration instead as passengers cheer

Access to content in this article is free when you join Fox News. By providing your email, you can continue reading selected articles and other premium content for free. Your information is kept private and contributes to our financial support. Sign up with your valid email address. Have a question? Click here. A kindergarten boy received a deserving celebration following the loss of his title. Sevier Joyal was excited to travel to Puerto Rico for a family wedding on May 15, after losing his kindergarten title. Both had been traveling from Orlando, Florida, to the warm region of the U.S. Virgin Islands for his relative’s wedding. 85-year-old graduates with an honorary diploma from Georgia High School: ‘I really thank God’ The date was set by the previous year’s foundation for the kindergarten title. “I think we’re in for an adventure,” she said. Joyal’s mother asked for photos with pilots to be taken, but more was received. If that is the case, this year’s commencement ceremony for the kindergarten title was also set on the same day as a family wedding. Not knowing if her son would participate in the kindergarten celebration, Rivera began to believe that the true loss of the event was because her son was not paying attention to the significance of the occasion. As both graduated from the same school, they shared in the New Jersey quintuplets’ “momentous moment.” “I think it’s really important for us to be individually clear about our identity on the last day of school in 2023,” she believed,” she said. For Sevier Joyal, his kindergarten title celebration was lost because he had gone to a family wedding. The family handled the matter best they could. Rivera took matters into her own hands and decided to bring her son and his kindergarten title to Puerto Rico. With his head wrapped in an airline blanket and the most people crowded together, Misori Museum World Record Flight’s attempt to take photos with Captain Markop was to be made more successful. When the couple boarded the plane, their son went to the frontiers of the Frontier Airlines flight attendant Pamela, to whom he could tell how his kindergarten title was lost. The mother was very moved and thought of the best thing they could do for their son was to take him out, as Rivera said. Rivera believed that it was a very special moment for her son, and he was very touched. Rivera and her son joined the other attendees in saying that they believe that the event was very special. Sevier Joyal was particularly excited about the event. The family obligations caused a kindergarten boy to lose his title celebration. He was deemed eligible to receive the honors he deserved, according to flight attendance. “That special moment he will always remember,” they said. For more lifestyle articles, visit Flight attendants from Frontier Airlines told Fox News Digital that the flight attendants “joined life’s passengers with necessary arrangements, united … to realize his honor celebration.”


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