DOJ settles CityMD Covid fraud allegations for $12 million

On December 19, 2021, the spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant in Manhattan, New York City in the USA prompted CityMD, a health clinic, to urge people waiting in queues outside to undergo COVID-19 testing. CityMD has been conducting over 100 walk-in emergency care practices in New York and New Jersey since February 2020, providing a special COVID program for uninsured patients. The US Attorney’s Office in New Jersey announced that CityMD must pay $12.04 million for alleged violations related to COVID testing claims. The government suspects fraudulent claims were submitted to obtain reimbursement for COVID tests, resulting in losses for insured patients. CityMD’s cooperation is expected in resolving these issues. It is important to protect funding for programs that benefit Americans by preventing misuse, as emphasized by US Attorney Philip R. Sellinger. CityMD’s patient, Stephen Kittinger, was the first to be charged with COVID-related offenses in 2020, resulting in a settlement of over $2 million due to the government’s vigilance. CityMD has also been working with the government to investigate and address fraud allegations, taking steps to avoid losses and resolve issues. The clinic is committed to providing quality healthcare services to patients during the pandemic.


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