Civil liberty, whistleblower protection groups urge Congress to allow vote on Espionage Act reform amendment

A group of House Rules Committee is requesting floor vote permission to amend the Rules of the House to allow floor votes on changes to parliamentary rules affecting the functioning of committees, protecting journalists from government abuse, and safeguarding bloggers. The proposal is to make changes by 2025 through amendments to the Service Member Quality of Life Improvement, National Defense Authorization Act. The group is also concerned about the misuse of government power and protecting journalists and bloggers from undue interference. The proposed changes are expected to prevent government overreach and protect media freedom. The group has raised concerns about the potential impact on national security and the rights of journalists and bloggers. The House Rules Committee is also looking into potential violations of the law related to the protection of sources and the disclosure of information. The proposed amendments are aimed at updating the rules to address modern challenges and protect the rights of journalists and bloggers.


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