Buronius Manfredschmidi: Smallest known species dating back 11 mn years discovered – Times of India

Researchers have discovered the smallest and oldest known species of ape in Germany, believed to be around 11 million years old. Named as ‘Pliobates catalonia’, it is smaller than any other known great ape, weighing just 10 kilograms. This ancient primate is a part of the family line that led to modern humans, gorillas, and chimpanzees. The discovery suggests that it coexisted with larger apes like ‘Dryopithecus fontani’. This finding sheds light on the diversity of hominids during the Miocene era and their adaptations to different environments. The study also hints at the possibility of it evolving into larger apes like ‘Danuvius guggenmosi’. The discovery raises questions about the evolution of early hominids and their adaptation to changing environments.


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