India’s Sanjay Manjrekar mocks Pakistan’s ‘gully cricket’ performance

In the T20 World Cup on Wednesday, Sanjay Manjrekar, a cricket commentator and former Indian cricketer, expressed amazement at Pakistan’s surprising performance against the US. He highlighted the level of focus the Pakistani team displayed, which he described as reminiscent of their past glory days. Despite Pakistan’s current struggles, Manjrekar praised their efforts and acknowledged their potential. The match in Dallas saw the US winning the toss and choosing to field, with Pakistan struggling in their batting innings. Captain Babar Azam’s half-century wasn’t enough as Pakistan fell short in their chase of 159 runs. The US chased down the target with a few nervous moments, showcasing their determination and securing the victory. Manjrekar emphasized the need for Pakistan to address their fielding and bowling shortcomings to regain their former cricketing glory.


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