How putting her life ‘into perspective’ helped Coco Gauff handle the pressure during US Open run

Coco Gauff showed a ruthless and dominant performance against Quarterfinalist Jelena Ostapenko in the US Open, winning two games easily. Gauff, at just 19 years old, continues to elevate her game and strive towards achieving success in the world of tennis.

Her physical progress and mental resilience were evident in her match, as she used her groundstrokes to overcome her opponent with a level of maturity and stability that impressed everyone. She acknowledges the mental toughness needed to win at Grand Slam events and believes that maintaining focus and perseverance is key to success.

She views her current position as a learning experience and understands the importance of staying motivated and dedicated to achieving her goals. Gauff’s journey in tennis has been challenging but rewarding, and she values the privilege of pursuing her passion and is grateful for the support she receives.

Gauff emphasizes the importance of enjoying the process and staying focused on the present moment rather than worrying about the results. She finds joy in playing tennis and cherishes the opportunities it brings, connecting with fans worldwide and making a positive impact on the sport.

Gauff’s perspective on life and her gratitude for the opportunities she has been given reflect her positive mindset and determination to continue growing and succeeding. She appreciates the privilege of living a fulfilling life and remains grateful for the experiences that shape her journey in tennis.


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