Daniil Medvedev through to US Open semifinals but issues warning after suffering in ‘brutal’ heat

Daniil Medvedev defeated Andrey Rublev to reach the semifinals of the US Open, but warned that a player might “die” in the “cruel” conditions of the tournament. Medvedev won in straight sets 6-4 6-3 6-4, but both players struggled with the extreme heat at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Medvedev, the current US Open champion, faced tough medical timeouts and used an inhaler to cope with the harsh conditions. Amidst the scorching heat, both players continued to use towels to wipe off their excessive sweat during the match. Medvedev expressed concerns about the harsh conditions and the struggle to win in such circumstances.

He further elaborated on the challenges faced during the match and the efforts made to secure victory. Despite the tough conditions and the physical toll, Medvedev managed to secure his spot in the semifinals. He faced criticisms for calling the conditions “cruel” and explained the difficulties faced by both players. Medvedev’s daughter’s godfather, Rublev, also acknowledged the challenges faced during the match.

After battling through tough conditions and a resilient opponent, Medvedev secured his spot in the finals, where he will face either Carlos Alcaraz or Alexander Zverev. In the final, Medvedev will aim to become the true competitor and emerge victorious in every set. He expressed his determination to fight for the title and prove himself as a worthy champion in this year’s US Open.


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