BJP To Keep Railways, Law, IT Ministry…Amidst TDP-JDU’s Demands | Government Formation In India

ENDI seats list| BJP will maintain ministries of Railway, Law, IT… TDP-JD alliance in demand| In order to reshape the government in India, BJP and TDP along with JD will have 1 cabinet seat and 2 deputy ministers each. Aman Sharma from News18 shares more details. Out of the 293 seats won by ENDI in the lower house of the 543-member parliament, a simple majority is achieved with only 272 seats. However, BJP led by Modi only won 240 seats, while TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu and JD leader Nitish Kumar have been appointed as deputy chief ministers. Bihar state, with a total of 16, 12 seats, is in alliance with the King Makers.


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