Survey claims milk price hike causing consumers to either stop buying or seek cheaper alternatives | Mumbai News

In Mumbai, due to the recent increase in the price of milk, many families are requesting to reduce milk consumption or switch to lower-priced or local distribution sources. 3% of families are requesting to stop buying milk altogether. The largest dairy brand in India, Amul, has also increased the price of milk this week. Other local brands and regional distribution sources have also increased their prices. A recent survey found that most consumers are willing to pay more for branded milk, while some are switching to lower-priced brands or local sources. Despite the price increase, many consumers are still buying milk at the new prices. The survey also found that social media is being used to gather consumer opinions on milk prices, with some expressing concerns about the recent price hike. Overall, the survey results show that the recent price hike in milk has affected consumers, but many are still willing to pay the higher prices for their preferred brands.


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