Ophthalmologist killed as van hits building’s security gate | Mumbai News

Dr. Meghali Bhattacharjee, a 53-year-old ophthalmologist, tragically died after a security gate fell on her when a van accidentally rammed into it near Shanmukhananda hall in King’s Circle. Her family claimed the vehicle involved was a tempo. Dr. Meghali ran a charitable eye clinic and was survived by her 78-year-old mother. The driver of the van, Suresh Harisingh Bogati, was arrested for negligence and rash driving. Police suspect he was under the influence of alcohol. The incident occurred when Dr. Meghali, her mother, and sister were waiting for a cab. The gate fell on them, injuring Dr. Meghali critically. She was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately succumbed to her injuries.


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