Modi meets President Murmu, NDA stakes claim to form government

In a meeting with President Kovind, Prime Minister Modi discussed the formalities to form the new government in India. Modi assured the President of the coalition’s commitment to restructuring the government. He also expressed confidence in the success of the new alliance and emphasized the importance of unity in the country.

The coalition’s main leaders have shown support for Modi’s leadership and expressed confidence in his abilities. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, praised Modi’s leadership and expressed optimism for the future. The media reports suggest that Nitish Kumar’s party is expected to play a significant role in the new government formation.

In 2022, the coalition is planning to review the tradition of military recruitment and recruit non-officer ranks for a four-year term. This move is aimed at attracting and retaining youth in the armed forces. The coalition has previously recruited candidates for various ranks for up to 17 years of service.

The government’s focus on joblessness, inflation, and income reduction has raised concerns among voters. A survey conducted after the election indicates that a significant number of voters were influenced to support Modi. The period before Modi came to power in 2014 saw intense discussions on coalition formations.


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