ED claims Chauhan close to CM and was handling DJB postings | Delhi News

New Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate has accused Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of being directly involved in the proceeds of crime related to Vinod Chauhan, an alleged hawala operator, in a case involving a “very high amount” in Delhi. The ED informed the court that it is considering the Chief Minister’s plea for a jamai petition. In a 182-page response filed in a special court on Friday, Judge Kaveri Baweja noted that the postings made by employees of the Delhi Jal Board under Kejriwal are closely related to Chauhan. The agency pointed out that Kejriwal and Chauhan are allegedly involved in transferring Rs 25.5 crore from Delhi to Goa, accusing them of being closely linked in the matter. The ED also highlighted evidence from Chauhan’s digital devices that reveal a close connection between him and Kejriwal. The agency presented numerous hawala notes obtained from Chauhan’s phone, along with screenshots of note numbers found in Kejriwal’s ID, linking the two. The case also involves another accused, Chanpreet Singh, who allegedly used a portion of the proceeds of crime to transfer money from Delhi to Goa. Singh has not provided a reason for the payment, according to the ED. Additionally, the ED has accused the Aam Aadmi Party of using funds from proceeds of crime to finance the 2022 Goa legislative assembly elections. The ED alleges that the main beneficiary of the ill-gotten gains in the Goa elections was the AAP. In addition to Singh, another accused, Abhishek Boyinpalli, and other hawala operators are alleged to have been directly involved in transferring hawala money from Delhi to Goa. The ED claims that Kejriwal was directly involved in the misuse of funds used for election expenses in Goa, calling it a “total liability” on Kejriwal’s part. The ED also accused Kejriwal of being involved in the misappropriation of funds for election expenses in the 2024 May 10 Supreme Court judgment. The agency highlighted that Kejriwal had violated the provisions in the ongoing case. Kejriwal has clearly stated his involvement in the case regarding his participation, according to the ED’s response to the applicant.


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