Cong’s Teenmar Mallanna leads by 18k votes in Grad MLC poll | Hyderabad News

In the Mandal by-election in Hyderabad, Teeram Mallanna of the Congress party won with a lead of 18,565 votes. However, as he did not receive the required number of votes, the counting process is ongoing. Mallanna got 1.22 lakh votes in the first round, followed by BRS candidate A. Rakesh Reddy with 1.04 lakh votes and BJP candidate Gujjula Premender Reddy with 43,313 votes. If Mallanna fails to secure 50% of the total votes, the counting process will continue. The opposition has raised concerns about the conduct of the election, but the Chief Electoral Officer has assured that the process is being conducted properly. The second round of counting has begun, and if no candidate receives 50% of the votes, the process will continue. The BJP candidate has protested against the results and demanded a recount. Reddy emphasized the importance of a fair counting process and addressing their concerns before the final results are declared. The counting of votes began at the State Warehouse in Duppala Palli, and measures were taken to ensure transparency in the process.


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