BRS alleges huge scam in fly-ash transportation from NTPC-Ramagundam

The Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) MLAs in Hyderabad have accused Minister for Transport Ponnam Prabhakar of being involved in a fly-ash transportation scam from the NTPC-Ramagundam plant. They claim that more fly-ash than permitted is being transported without proper way bills, leading to illegal profits of ₹50 lakh per day. They also raised concerns about accidents caused by overloaded lorries. The BRS leaders threatened to protest at NTPC-Ramagundam if the illegal transportation is not stopped. They also criticized Congress leaders for allegedly collecting taxes in Karimnagar and urged them to address issues raised by committed leaders. The BRS MLAs vowed to quit if the Congress Government fulfills certain promises by August 15.


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