Banker Steals: Banker steals for girlfriend, held | Chennai News

Chennai: A bank employee got caught stealing jewels last Wednesday, leading to a robbery in the city. The police advised the thief’s girlfriend to change her lifestyle, and they discovered that two gold coins were missing from the store. The security team reviewed CCTV footage and saw the thief trying to steal. With the help of the CCTV footage, they started searching for the suspect. The police arrested the thief who was an employee at the bank. During interrogation, the thief confessed to the theft. The police also found stolen jewelry from four different stores. The thief had stolen the items when there was no attention. The police officer said that the thief had no money and wanted to impress his girlfriend. The police also mentioned that the thief had enough money to afford his girlfriend’s expensive lifestyle. The thief was taken to court and remanded in judicial custody. Five thieves who were involved in the robbery were arrested. The women’s group under the leadership of the famous Rajasomala organized a protest against the theft. Actor Satish went skydiving in Dubai.


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