Allies get 15% of berths; upper caste nos. at a low | India News

Narendra Modi was sworn in as prime minister for the third time, leading a larger team than before. Despite leading a coalition government, he had no trouble putting together his council of ministers. The team includes experienced players and a focus on including more SCs/STs and OBCs. However, there is no representation of Muslims in the central government for the first time. The team also includes a significant number of former CMs. The PM has aimed to balance regional representation and ensure states with upcoming elections are adequately represented. Overall, there are 33 first-time ministers, with a focus on those who won their Lok Sabha seats. This content is about the benefits of exercise for mental health. It explains how regular physical activity can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. It also mentions that exercise can improve overall mood and self-esteem. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of finding activities that you enjoy and incorporating them into your routine for the best results. Overall, the message is that exercise is a great way to boost your mental well-being.


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