3 arrested for using forged Aadhaar card to enter Parliament complex | Delhi News

In New Delhi, three laborers are trying to enter the parliament complex with fake Aadhar cards containing information of employees covered under the CIASPF scheme. The Delhi police filed a report stating that they detained Kassim, Monis, and Soyab for their involvement in the scam. Investigations revealed that the third person, Soyab, had a fake identity card indicating he was a resident of Hapur in Uttar Pradesh. The IDs of Monis and Kassim had the same number but different photographs, suggesting they were fake. The police conducted a thorough investigation after the incident on May 4th, which involved multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code and FIR registration. The three fake ID cards are currently in police custody as part of the ongoing investigation. Last year, six people were arrested for unauthorized entry into the parliament complex during a protest in the Lok Sabha. The Governor of Delhi granted prosecution permission against Manoranjan D, Sagar Sharma, Amol Dhanaraj Shinde, Neelam Ranoliya, Lalit Jha, and Mahesh Kumavat.


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