Upcoming Ford SUV Coupe Spied During Testing Overseas, Global Debut Soon

Ford is set to introduce an all-new electric SUV in the European market, rumored to be named Ford Capri. The SUV will be developed in partnership with Volkswagen and is expected to use VW’s MEB platform. The unveiling date is set for July 10, with a boxy design featuring LED headlights and a 77-kWh battery pack. There are rumors of a dual motor variant with a 79-kWh battery producing 330 bhp. The model has created buzz since being referred to as a ‘sports crossover’ in March 2022. Despite heavy camouflage, the design hints at a stylish look with connecting taillights. The decision to expand the EV product line comes as a response to growing demand in the segment worldwide. Ford has not confirmed the name or details officially yet.


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