BYD to build second factory in EU despite slowdown of EVs

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD is planning to build a second factory in Europe despite a slowdown in electric vehicle sales. The company’s first factory in Hungary will start production next year, and they are looking for a location for the new facility. In response to the drop in EV sales, BYD is launching plug-in hybrid vehicles like the Seal U DM-i. These cars have a combustion engine and an electric battery that can be charged, making them more appealing to consumers concerned about range and charging infrastructure. BYD sold 1.5 million PHEVs last year, half of its global sales. The European Commission is investigating Chinese electric cars for subsidies, and there is speculation about potential import duties. BYD’s vice president, Stella Li, believes that competition and scrutiny indicate the company’s quality and competitiveness in the market. She emphasized the importance of affordable technology and their commitment to success in Europe.


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